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[49% OFF] Toonly Coupon Code & Review

Review of: Toonly

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Summary: If you’re looking for good software that would help you to make great explainer videos and others, we’ve got one for you - Toonly video software!  Get extra discount now.

Afraid that the explainer videos you make contain too many texts for the mind? On the lookout for ways to make your explainer videos fun and at the same time informative? 

Any affiliate marketer, digital marketer or just a random website owner knows that adding videos to landing pages or anywhere in the website increases the average conversion rate by multifolds. Whether you want to admit it or not, it’s human psychology. You see a video you like, you realize that there is a diligent team working behind this video and probably several other videos and you instantly become credible.

This is a marketing strategy that everyone looking for some cash through social media knows and that's why you see the big guns and the little guns using this formula of adding websites. As for explainer videos, these are a necessity for not only digital marketers, but also YouTubers, teachers, trainers, and every other professional out there.

Want to beat your competitors and step up the ladder? Be unique. Be convincing. Stand out. You can be this with the help of Toonly, the most effortless animated explainer video maker.

What is Toonly?

Toonly Coupon Code

Toonly is a piece of software that gives you the best explainer videos as fast as you can say jigglypuff, or listen to jigglypuff’s entire lulluby, realistically speaking.

If you have Toonly, you will undoubtedly star out from the millions of explainer videos out there. With Toonly, you can combine animated characters, texts, props, backgrounds and so much more, all created by Toonly’s design team that you will not see elsewhere. 

Toonly Review and Discount Offers

The first feature you instantly notice when you use the Toonly software is the drag-and-drop system. The feature looks easy to use but is the most effective tool you will utilize continuously once you install the Toonly software. The software’s user interface is also effortless to understand. 

The screen displays a tray on the left side which contains all the elements you will need to modify your scenes. There are many pre-built screens as well which can be modified by inserting characters, props and backgrounds. 

Arrange your animations any way you want and create eye-catching scenes completing your story. For more options, you can see another lower tray when using the Toonly software. Some options are the time durations for several elements that works well for animated explainer videos.

Toonly Pricing

The Toonly software offers 2 monthly packages. The Standard one contains various features and can be purchased for $39 per month. The other package is the Enterprise one with much more features than the Standard one and is priced at a value of $69 per month.

With the enterprise package, you receive additional characters, props, backgrounds, background audios, etc. You also get to unlock access to the Toonly club. Unlike no other club, this club sends you freshly created animations every month, each illustration uniquely detailed by Toonly’s team of graphic designers.

There’s room for discount as well. For annual subscriptions for the Toonly package, you can activate a 49% special discount i.e. you will be paying $20 less for the Standard Package and $40 for the Enterprise package, all because you acted a little sensibly and ordered the annual arrangement.

Toonly offers a pricing plan that is amazing and unique. You’d be wasting a huge opportunity if you miss this offer from Toonly!

What it Has to Offer

Now, we shall share our team’s experience with the Toonly software. 

Simply 5 minutes of usage could tell that Toonly is obviously one of the easiest video creators among animated videos. The user interface is painless for anyone. This means, anyone with zero experience or technical knowledge can edit skillfully within a few days.

Ten minutes is all you need to create a classic animated explainer video. Not having a renaming option for your videos can be a total nightmare - A nightmare you can forget once you possess the Toonly software. 

As you select the versatile and multi-faceted scenes for your videos, you realize that these scenes consisting of characters, backgrounds, and music are unique and different to what we generally see. They instantly fit the story and this is what the developers keep in mind when building their art. These additions can be copied, deleted, changed or edited according to how you like it. These creations are without doubt, of extremely high quality.   

The characters available for each video are immense which you can use in different parts of your scene. Their behavior can be controlled and selected to add in authenticity to your story, with the help of a simple click. 

These behavior presets can turn your character from a damsel in distress to a raging warrior and insert habits such as being idle, laughing, dancing or being idle and how much intensity these habits will play. Much like a Sims character!

How can you let your audience dive into your web of tales without some background music? Toonly offers so much of background music that you will have to earmark those you like because you probably are going to forget what music you started with.

Each quartet of music just clicks with any given story you wish to bring to light. For describing products or explaining stories, you may want to add your audio, be it your own voice or someone hired. Toonly allows you to add in your audio when edition without installing some third-party software. 

Only the best players have some setbacks and so does Toonly. The objects offered by Toonly may be versatile and suitable but there aren’t many. External logos created using graphic designing cannot be animated. They can simply keep present or disappeared.

These setbacks may make some of your work inconvenient but the software indeed has a lot to offer.

  • Create Engaging Videos
  • With Instant Call-to-Action
  • The Easiest Animated Explainer Videos for Professional Videos

Pros of Using Toonly:

  • Smooth user interface
  • Straightforward drag-and-drop feature
  • Myriad of characters, objects, and backgrounds
  • Custom and downloadable voice overs
  • Work on several computers simultaneously with the same software

Pros of Using Toonly:

  • You won’t be able to animate objects

Final Verdict: Is Toonly Worth it?

Whether you reach out to a video making agency or one of the several thousand freelancers online, you will need a minimum of $30 if you want even a mediocre video for your audience. 

Think! Every time you create a video, you are spending $30, so four videos a month can mean spending over $100. Toonly allows you to have full freedom when making videos at a starting price of $39 per month. 

With the animated explainer video Toonly, you are always the one earning with the most benefit. If you are building a freelancer portfolio, you can continuously make videos at your advantage. As for digital marketers, instead of spending thousands on content, you can advertise your affiliate products with description videos and convert to people’s carts. 

Animated videos have the leverage of disguising marketing videos as fun story tellers. So even if you are describing a coffee table of Amazon, an animted explainer video makes your viewers feel that, the coffee table is indeed satisfying to eat dinner and watch TV on, as the users can easily relate themselves to the animated character. Your ability to convince your audience can determine how agreeable your traffic will be. 

All these factors might keep you pleased about Toonly but the cost of this software is inevitable. If you are planning on making a few videos every month that have a probability of generating revenue, than the profit you will receive will surpass the cost. 

Why wait? Grab the Toonly software now and create a substantial source of income now!

Activate Your Premium 49% Discount

Grab the Toonly software and receive $2850 worth of beneficial marketing materials absolutely free.

These marketing materials include 300k pieces of special resources for social media that you can use for upgrading your business strategies.

You will receive:

  • 50k high quality quoted images
  • 2100 brief inspirational videos
  • 645 private labeled eBooks
  • 40k complete recipe images
  • Royalty free sound tracks
  • 180k+ renowned quoted texts
  • Materials that can build your brand on social media and elsewhere
  • Access immediately after your purchase

What You Should Expect:

  • $2875 worth copyright free materials
  • All content is completely copyright free and reserved under Private Labeled Rights
  • Immediate access after purchase

Just click here, and grab your whopping 49% discount on Toonly!


It doesn’t matter whether you’re trying to make videos for YouTube or for any other platforms. Using a good video making software is a must to create good content.

This is where Toonly steps in with its amazing features and pricing plans. You won’t get better offer and features than this anywhere! So, what are you waiting for then!