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[77% OFF] HostPapa Coupon Code and Review

HostPapa is one of the most trusted names in hosting and offers quality hosting with great features at an affordable price.
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[77% OFF] HostPapa Coupon Code and Review

Review of: HostPapa

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Offers an impressive 99.9% uptime and good server speed


Affordable pricing packed with add-ons

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No learning curve involved & super easy to use

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Summary: HostPapa is one of the most trusted name in hosting and offers quality hosting with great features at an affordable price.

Online businesses and E-commerces are very much dependent on their websites to run their business. These stores and businesses pretty much exist because of their websites. 

At such, it is crucial that they use a high quality web hosting provider. While there are many different platforms that offer web hosting on their servers, there are certain platforms that stand out from others. These platforms offer features and benefits like no other and provide you great service. 

It is important to identify such service providers and invest in them for the sake of your ecommerce website. The only problem is that there actually are a lot of such service providers who claim to be the best in the game. However, not all of them are that worth the hype

If you are looking for an amazing web hosting service provider where you can host the domain of your website, look no further! We have brought to you one of the best hosting service providers that will be the solution to most of your web hosting problems. 

HostPapa is most certainly one of the best in the game and is definitely worth the hype. And in this article, in order to give you a proper idea about HostPapa, we are going to be reviewing all the aspects of the platform and show you whether you should subscribe to them or not. So if that sounds interesting to you, let’s hop into this article!

What is HostPapa?

About HostPapa Hosting

HostPapa is an independent web hosting company, based in Canada, which is a bit different from most web hosting giants. HostPapa focuses on green hosting in order to provide maximum support for its users and encourage sustainable business practices.

HostPapa started its journey in 2006 in the web hosting market, and currently hosts over 500,000 websites since its establishment. Although a few sources claim that the number of websites hosted by HostPapa is about 200,000 but that is debatable and does not really mean anything.

HostPapa is an all in one Web Hosting Solution Company that sells domains, lets you build websites and hosts them. One important thing that needs to be noted is that the company does not offer dedicated server hosting for each website, where you would have full control over your hardware. 

Instead, users are required to use a common shared and virtual private server or VPS hosting. VPS hosting has become pretty popular in the recent years and is considered a safe form of hosting.

HostPapa is the perfect web hosting solution for the kind of people have no outrageous requirements from their web hosting provider. They provide almost everything you need from a good web hosting service, and the prices are pretty reasonable for the features that you get with each subscription plan.

Let’s take a closer look at HostPapa and the features that are provided by this web hosting service.

HostPapa Review: Top Features

1. SSL Certificate

HostPapa not only provides domains to websites but also ensures that these domains are backed up SSL certificates. For those of you who do not know what an SSL certificate is, it is a certification that this website is legitimate and is secured. 

This is a very important factor, especially for ecommerce businesses who want to receive payment from their website. When a person goes over to an ecommerce website, they check whether the website is safe or not, and that safety and security is backed by an SSL certificate. 

So, not having one on your website can be an issue. HostPapa provides this SSL certificate with the domains, that too at an affordable price, this is why it is so worth it.

2. Email Solutions

HostPapa comes with an email marketing solution that is pretty good and can grow the traffic on your website by a lot. You get a large number of newsletter and emails per day that you can send to potential customers and grow your business. 

3. Automatic Website Backups

Crashing of a website can occur at any time, and backing up your information is crucial for this exact purpose. A lot of times you save various information on your website such as customer details, order history, a bunch of blog posts (if you are a blogger), and more. 

These information can be automatically backed up to the HostPapa server for you to restore in case something happens to your website. This backup occurs once every day automatically. This is one of the best features of HostPapa, in our opinion. 

4. Website Builder

Much to your surprise, HostPapa does not only provide domain hosting and SSL certificates, but they also have a website builder. Their website builder may not be on par with most of the top website builders out there like WordPress, Wix, or SquareSpace, but it is pretty good on its own as well. 

The editor is pretty easy to use with drag and drop elements features and a fixed gridline to guide you through designing the site. The best part of this is that you can build the website and host it in HostPapa’s server, buy the domain from them along with SSL certificate and run your online ecommerce business. 

5. Green Web Hosting

HostPapa is one of the hosting companies who have committed to going green, and we are not just making any vague claims about them having energy-efficient data centers. HostPapa is not only making real and significant promises, they are showing actual results.

The company says that "we purchase 'green energy tags' or certificates from a certified green energy supplier. That supplier calculates the total energy consumption of our operation and uses their suppliers of green energy to pump in 100% equivalent energy back into the power grid."

Although HostPapa's operations aren't exactly directly powered by a green source of energy, they compensate for it by buying the equivalent amount from green providers, that balances out carbon emissions overall.

Pricing Plans

HostPapa Pricing

1. Starter

The first subscription plan is the Starter plan, which is cPanel-based. It used to be initially $3.95 a month for the first three years, and then $7.99 a month when renewed. But with the HostPapa coupon provided by CredBrands, all you have to pay is 2.95 a month. 

This massive 63% discount is incredible news for those of you wanting to save money on your subscription. You pay no extra renewal fee, so this is basically what you continue to pay thanks to this HostPapa coupon.

The starter plan comes with a hundred gigabytes of online space, an unmetered bandwidth, a free domain and website migration. The plan allows you to build a basic website with a three page limit with an encrypted SSL. 

HostPapa has integrations with WordPress and hundreds of other apps and platforms, so if you want you can connect the domain to your existing site made from WordPress or other platforms as well.

2. Business

The Business plan is currently the most popular subscription plan among the three. And it is definitely worth the hype without a doubt. Initially this package also starts at $3.95 each month for the first three years, and costs $12.99 a month when it needs to be renewed. 

However, with the HostPapa coupon given by CredBrands, you get to subscribe to this plan for 77% less than the initial price. Isn’t that amazing? With this coupon from CredBrands, you are required to pay $2.95 and just like the Starter plan, and there are no extra renewal fees.

You might be wondering, then why subscribe to the Starter plan at all, when the Business plan is offered at the same price but with better features? 

The starter and the business plans are essentially the same plans, but the business account offers twice the CPU and MySQL tools. This plan offers unlimited web space, bandwidth, databases, emails and domains. You can build and run as many websites as you want!

The reason you would still want to subscribe to the starter plan over the business plan is if you get overwhelmed with all the features you get in the business plan. Customers are preferring the business plan the most since it features more benefits than the starter account, and they genuinely want those features.

We highly recommend this plan for the 77% discount coupon provided by CredBrands. 

3. Business Pro

The third, and final subscription plan on HostPapa is the Business Pro plan. This plan will cost you $12.95 a month originally for the initial three years, and $19.99 a month when renewed after those 3 years. 

But with the HostPapa coupon by CredBrands, you have to pay only $11.95 a month, and no additional renewal fee afterwards. With this coupon, you can save 40% of the money and enjoy far more features and benefits than the two previous plans we discussed.

This plan is mainly for large ecommerce businesses that have higher demands from their web hosting provider.

This plan includes more resources and tools such as, rocket fast premium servers, and no page limits on the website builder. To ensure the safety of your site, this plan offers a wildcard SSL certificate, the automatic website backup system, SiteLock malware detection, and domain privacy protection. 

HostPapa Review: Our Final Verdict

HostPapa is most certainly an excellent web hosting platform that comes with impressive tools to run and host your website whether it is an ecommerce or just a simple website for blogs or a portfolio. 

HostPapa offers green hosting so you know that they are not harming the environment with the power usage. While making sure the environment is safe, they are ensuring that the websites that are run on their servers are safe and secure. 

They provide safe domains with SSL certificates basically for free (included in the subscription plans which are also very cheap) 

One amazing thing about HostPapa is that their servers have great uptime. They have an average uptime record of 99%, which is pretty impressive as it is almost impossible to get it to 100%. That is not realistically possible. 

On top of maximum uptime, they also have super-fast loading time to ensure that you don’t have to wait for the site to load for 5 minutes. It’s 2021, and everyone expects sites to load within microseconds. And the HostPapa servers ensure just that for your website. 

However, there are certain things that we didn’t like about HostPapa. While the number of such aspects are far less than the good sides, we can’t not mention them. 

You don’t get the automatic website backup in the cheaper plans, and we feel like that is a bummer. And when you want to buy add-ons, the price of the plans increase a lot. Add-ons are pretty expensive on HostPapa. 

Special HostPapa Coupon

As we mentioned above, CredBrands is offering a HostPapa coupon which reduces the price of the plans by 63%, 77% and 40% respectively, which is a huge deal if you ask us. Especially the 77% discount is definitely worth it. So if you want to get this coupon and checkout HostPapa, click here.

We highly recommend you check out this coupon and especially suggest going for the business plan, as it is most certainly the best deal you will get from HostPapa. Check it out now!


  • Great uptime
  • Super-fast loading speed
  • SSL certificate with domain
  • Hosting on a Virtual Private Server
  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • Great price (with coupon)


  • Hidden fees
  • No free website backup

Final Words

That was all about HostPapa that you need to know. If you want to know more about this web hosting platform, we suggest you check out there site and the coupon for more details. We hope this article was helpful in providing you proper information about HostPapa. 

Check out the HostPapa coupon and use the platform’s services to host the website of your ecommerce business, so you can grow it to its success. We wish you good luck!