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Create jaw-dropping doodle style marketing and explainer videos in just a few clicks.
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[49% OFF] Doodly Coupon Code & Review

Review of: Doodly

Use: Video Animation Software


Create attention-grabbing doodle animated videos


Most affordable doodle video creator at just $20/month

Ease of Use

No learning curve involved and a vast tutorials available

Customer Support

24/7 professional support and knowledge base

Summary: Doodly is probably the best doodle animated video creator in the world. Without any skills, anyone can create attention-grabbing videos for their business or other use. Grab your special 49% Doodly coupon today! 

Doodly Coupon for Doodly Video Maker: Totally Worth It!

If you were to choose between reading large chunky texts for 10 minutes and watching an animated video for 12 minutes, which would you choose? You would definitely choose the video without giving a second thought.

You will not be surprised to know that the human brain always chooses more productivity in contrast to work done. You can use this concept to engage your audience and we will tell you how.

Here’s just a few things I liked, and other users have reported loving in addidion to the 49% Doodly coupon:

  • It saves time, stress, and money on overpriced graphic designers, by simply making the videos you need
  • You prevent the frustration of explaining your exact needs to an uncaring professional video designer
  • There’s a near infinite range of uses, professional or otherwise. It can be used for home projects, as well as for serious professional settings
  • It’s a quick setup- anyone can start pumping out blackboard, greenboard, whiteboard, or glassboard videos in no time
  • The Doodly quick draw feature lets users create any image in seconds
  • It works perfectly on both Mac and PC

The Concept is Not Unusual At All!

Do you know which money makers are already using this concept? Digital marketers! To accelerate the number of users, the number one rule of digital marketers is to add an engaging video to their website’s landing page. Maximum buyers admit that they feel that a website or product is more authentic, first-rate and appealing.

Who wouldn’t love to make a profit? You would!

In the competitive global market known as the Internet, how can you reach your potential customers amidst a storm of marketing deals? What would make your audience look for you?

You may wonder that you will be able to pull off a great video. So does every other small business owner. That is why, you and your competitors are floating like a plastic bag in a still river grabbing the few customers in your field. If you want to make waves, you need to create mind boggling videos that scream out the brand of your business and end with a sale.

Your target is showing your viewers an effortless, entertaining and digestible video that will lead to peak conversion rates. Creating such an effective video is not as easy as you think, or even close to what you are imagining.

Know the Most Effective Tool!

This is where Doodly comes in. For those of you who don’t know, Doodly is an animated whiteboard video maker that helps create exciting videos. 

Create professional videos in a matter of minutes.

Worried that you don’t have any programming skills? You should know that every Doodle video created by Doodly requires absolutely no designing or technical skills and yet looks realistic and bang-on!

The video maker deals with whiteboard animation videos and can be used by any average Joe. The user interface has been constructed to be people friendly and ready to be controlled. 

You will love using this software as it is surrounded by white backgrounds and objects. The software allows you to apply characters, backgrounds and even a variety of texts to make your videos appealing. The special feature about Doodly is THE HAND! There is a fisted hand that comes in the video which draws, sketches of writes according to how you want to apply it. Since the images, or characters you have applied are already static, the hand appears in the video to make it seem that it is drawing the images, or writing and doodles until the image is complete. 

That’s Not All

There are a lot more options that Doodle offers you. Your main job might be for the user to understand your story or topic. You will need to add background sounds to set the scene and let your audience dive into your story. Doodly offers you between 75 to 150 sound effects for you to tune in with your videos depending on the package you choose. Even if your heart doesn’t sync with any of Doodly’s sound effects, you will have the option to download any other music to your liking and import them for your Doodly videos.

How Does It Work?

Did you know that Doodly is the first animated doodle video maker of its kind? Today, Doodly is recognized for being able to create videos that have an equal blend of information and appeal and that too in a matter of 10 minutes. 

When you start your project, you generally begin by picking your desired surface where the images will be placed. 

Any character, scene, or prop you wish to choose is available on a tray on the left. All you have to do is drag and drop them to position. 

The timing of the movements and the pictorial representation depends upon the number of seconds you put in. This affects the amount of time the hand will be doodling and the time required for each transition. The perfect timing can result in the perfect videos, be it short or long. Using these simple tools from Doodly, each short video you have thought of making can turn into a masterpiece. 

Doodly also considers ethnicities and races in mind and this is displayed in their hands. Take your pick from the various colors and ethnicities of hands and customize your videos to exactly how you want it.

Now that the visual portion of your video is created, you will have to look into the audio effects, that is, the background music and the voice over. As mentioned before, you can choose from Doodly’s package or download from anywhere else. Adding these voice overs and music can be done at the click of a hand without the trouble of third parties. If you want a real-time record of your videos, there is one thing you can do. Play the video and read out your script. As easy as that without damaging the quality of your video.

Smart Draw

Want your share of the latest technology? Then the Smart Draw process by Doodly is for you. You would like to draw a figure that has never been seen before. Or you found a prop that you would like to use but it’s just not enough. Try out the Smart Draw and customize or draw anything that comes at the back of your head. Flexible to your taste fulfilling to your heart’s content. 

Doodly Rainbow

There are perks to Doodly but everything comes with a cost. This mind-boggling animated video maker has an amazing feature in the resources tab that it keeps to itself. That is the rainbow circle. Applying this feature can add as many colors to your images as you can imagine. What is the drag then? You have to purchase the feature additionally as it does not come with Doodly packages. Colorful feature but worth it?

Doodly Features At A Glance

Background image: 4 different images are available on Doodly to build the surface - blackboard, whiteboard, greenboard and the latest update, the glassboard.

Characters, Images and Props: Doodly offers 100% unique images that cover different categories which you will be able to choose. If you don’t like the characters or objects present, you can upload one.

Template Text: There are a number of text templates you can find on Doodly. There is also an option of adding your own custom text. 

Voice-overs: Adding voice-overs to Doodly videos is as easy as pie. Add your own voice to a video, hire someone to create one or import required audio files and simply apply them to your video.

THE HAND: Looking for a male hand or a female one or probably a unisex one? Do you prefer the left hand or the right hand? Are you targeting any particular ethnicity to attract a wider audience? How about presenting the hand from the other side for your math students? Doodly contains all hands!

Background Music: When making videos, most amatuer video makers forget about the background music. Not Doodly though! Sit back and take your pick from the royalty-free music offered by the software or add music of your own. 

Software Updates: Software updates can be a hassle and also expensive especially if you are not up-to-date with your IT skills. Doodly takes care of its software updates and doesn’t accept a single penny.

Custom Path: When you work with an explainer video, you start from a path and go to a second direction. Doodly creates a default path starting from the bottom left or right in case you are not able to create a path. If you can, try out different approaches.

Exporting Videos: Doodly makes export of videos extremely easy and allows different timings, visual qualities, formats and sizes. Preview your videos before exporting them and leave no opportunity for error. 

Multiple Screens: Use different computers at home and the office? Build videos from multiple computers (works on Windows 10 or above) and even Mac.

Price Plans

Each character, object or background that you are offered from the Doodly package is extremely well detailed and contains high visual effects. You don't have to worry about the difference in your packages if your budget is a bit on the average side. 

The Doodly Standard Package charges you $39 monthly in exchange for thousands of objects, 800 characters, 75 soundtracks and 40 backgrounds. However, the Standard Package has one drawback. You are not allowed access to the Doodly club. So if you have any queries or problems or want new objects and characters, you could try mailing Doodly’s support team.

If you can be a bit more flexible with your cash pool, we would like to recommend you the enterprise package which is in fact, a great deal. For a monthly charge of $69, you will receive 3000+ objects, 3500+ characters, 150 soundtracks and 84 backgrounds. A wee bit better than the Standard package, you could say.

The best part? Year round access to the Doodly club! What's in the Doodly club, you say? New fuzzy characters, photo-realistic props and titillating scenes every month! Since the resources and features are more than triple than that of the Standard Package, this Package can be your video creator if you need videos on a regular basis, of course. 

That being said, there is an offer you can’t deny if you are choosing between the monthly bill and annual bill. This is the 49% discount for annual packages. 

Get Your Unmatched 49% Discount:

When purchasing Doodly, you are also receiving $2,850 worth Marketing Materials absolutely FREE. These include 300k units of copyright materials that you can use for social media. 

What you will get:

  • 50k deluxe high quality quoted images

  • 2100 brief inspirational videos

  • 40k complete recipe images 

  • 645 Private Labelled Content ebooks

  • 180k+ popular text quotes

  • Royalty free soundtracks

  • Everything you can use for social media and general marketing 

  • Instant access immediately after purchase

After your purchase, you should accept:

  1. $2,850 worth content 

  2. All content is copyright free and contain PLR

  3. Instant delivery of software and marketing materials

Final Thoughts

Doodly is a video maker that takes minutes to make decent and unique videos. Whether you want to teach classes, describe a product, create training videos, or are making a portfolio, Doodly can be your animated video maker. Don’t limit yourself in making videos!